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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Saratoga Seed Gift Cards are a Great Holiday Gift Idea!

Saratoga Springs, NY- What do you get the gardener who has everything?  "Get them a gift card at  and let them choose for themselves!", says John Karling, the owner of Saratoga Seed.  He says that plants will start shipping  around mid-April 2019 and that he expects the upcoming growing season to be a good one.

Saratoga Seed was started in 2009 in Saratoga Springs, NY.  "Back then, we only sold one plant, pink lily of the valley.  But we sold thousands of them online!"  Karling knew he was on to something, and with the decline of eBay and growth of Amazon, his company was positioned to take on more plant varieties.

"The bulk of our business is now through Amazon and our website. Our busy season starts with the first warm days in March, peaks in May and then peaks again in Fall.  Gift Cards are a way that we can flatten out some of our sales curves during the slower Winter season."

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saratoga Seed Sells Live Plants Including Wild Ginger, Asarum canadense

This handsome, fragrant plant creates a striking groundcover at the base of tall trees in woodland gardens, since the large heart-shaped leaves create a low, solid, dark green carpet. The flowers are barrel-shaped, nodding under the leaves with three reddish-brownish triangular petals. Like many other plants with attractive leaves, this famous wildflower is grown almost exclusively for its decorative foliage. As for the common name, this eastern woodland plant is no relation to the culinary gingers, which are tropical plants. Wild ginger spreads somewhat rapidly and is a favorite feature in fine, shaded wildflower collections, often used as a contrast companion plant for more showy species such as maidenhair, trilliums and violets.

Botanical Name: Asarum canadense
  • Striking, dark green heart-shaped leaves up to 6″ diameter
  • Unusual reddish flower in Spring, hidden beneath foliage
  • 6″-12″ height, great groundcover
  • Naturalizes well
  • Evergreen leaves
  • Shipped as mature, live bareroot plants
  • Shipping Now! Order from our website at
  • Zones 4,5,6,7

Monday, August 14, 2017

Saratoga Seed Company Adds Greenhouse Space in Florida

Saratoga Springs, NY based Saratoga Seed Company has added a growing facility in central Florida.  The Company will propagate and grow additional live plants in the new location for shipment within the U.S.

John Karling, founder of the online agricultural company, says that the benefits of year-round growing of rare and heirloom plants will help reduce stock outages during the Spring planting season. Karling says, "The months of April through June are so busy for Saratoga Seed, that we are focused on shipping and customer service.  Many times we'll know we're running out of our bestsellers, but we can't do anything about it. Having a full time grow facility helps us smooth out our inventory holes."

Saratoga Seed
6 Cygnet Circle
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Friday, August 11, 2017

New Plant for Sale at Saratoga Seed- Gooseneck Loosestrife, L. clethroidesis

 New this summer at Saratoga Seed.

L. clethroidesis better known as Gooseneck Loosestrife because its slender arching spikes of white flowers have a graceful crook that looks somewhat like the shape of a goose neck. 
Bloom is abundant from July into September; plant multiple plants to naturalize a sea of white spikes every summer. Plants grow to 3′ and are vigorous to the point of invasiveness, which we admire. A superb ground cover in any soil, in full sun or partial shade; it also deserves a role in the border with plants that can help restrain its enthusiasm.  Edging or pots can help control its naturalization in more formal gardens, otherwise, let it create new waves of white blooms every year!

Botanical Name: Lysimachia clethroidesis

Plant Information

  • Zones: 3-8
  • Ship Season: Mid-April through late Fall
  • Ships as: Mature bareroot plants
  • Soil: Well drained.
  • Sun: Full Sun or Part Shade
  • Bloom Time: Summer to Fall
  • Height: 36″
  • Spacing: 18″

Monday, July 31, 2017

Saratoga Seed Unveils New Website

 Saratoga Seed

Q&A with the Owner and Founder of Saratoga Seed- John Karling

Q: We notice that the Saratoga Seed website is showing some new design changes.  What are the reasons for the redesign?
A: The Saratoga Seed website was a few years old and we didn't feel that the website was ready to be a true ecommerce site.

Q: What have you added to improve the ordering experience?
A: We added the WooCommerce module to our current WordPress CMS platform.  WooCommerce is  a stable commerce plugin that has multiple installations worldwide.  We added the Braintree payment system for PayPal, and added the Stripe processing system as our primary credit card checkout.

Q: Do your clients prefer Stripe or PayPal?
A: It's about 50/50 so far this Summer (2017).  If someone likes or dislikes PayPal you'll hear about it.  No one has said a peep about our Stripe processor.

Q: Where do you ship?
A: We ship all over the lower 48 States of the US.  We don't currently ship anywhere else on the planet, but we know that seeds can be shipped to most countries with proper customs paperwork.  Live plants are another story though!

Q: What do you sell and how much does it cost?
A: We sell rare and unique plants.  The difference with us is that we will ship the whole plant bare root- no soil on the roots.  We dig mature plants, trim them, wash the roots, carefully pack them and ship to your home or business.  The result is a pest-free plant safe for your garden and shipped at an economical rate versus shipping in pots with soil.
Saratoga Seed
6 Cygnet Circle
Saratoga Springs, NY  12866

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pass-Along Plants

Saratoga Seed Online Plant Ordering

Pass-Along Plants

My Mom, Alice, was a gardener.  She owned a Flower Shop before us kids came along, and she had a true passion for flower arranging.  Alice even taught a class on floral arranging at the local community college.  She studied to become a certified flower show judge, and she did just that: judging the arrangements of her peers in the Tri-State area.

So when you're a flower show judge, and a member of a couple of garden clubs, you tend to hang out with some folks with a real knack for growing things.  And one thing you learn, is that they LOVE to share plants and seeds with each other. Any rarity, oddity, history or whimsy just makes a plant that much more interesting to share.  They call them Pass-Along plants, and we sell quite a few of them.

Pregnant Onion (a Hyacinth, not an onion), is an old-timey favorite.  It lives in a pot on the patio in Spring and Summer, then you treat it as a houseplant in the cooler months.  Then, right in the middle of Winter- boom!  It blooms.  Not just any bloom- a splendid 6" flower spike on the end of a 4 foot stalk.

Now here's the Pass-Along part: the reason they call it "pregnant", is because the bulb reproduces by creating smaller bulblets under its paper-like skin on the sides of the bulb.  These bulblets will each turn into a larger bulb in the not-so-distant future.  You'll have plenty more of these bulblets, so why not give them to some of your gardening friends to try?